LFF sommerseminar 2016: Troublesome Pictures

3. maj 2016

LFF afholder sommerseminar på Gentofte Hovedbibliotek 2. Juni 2016 under overskriften:

Troublesome Pictures - Representing the Colonial Past

Seminaret foregår i år på engelsk:

Images depicting former colonies have shaped and continue to inform interpretations of the past. Libraries, museums, archives all collect images, but also communicate them in various ways, taking part in the constant construction of colonial visual history.

At the seminar we discuss the creation, circulation, registration and interpretation of images. The keynote concerns Rijksmuseum's current project on changing offensive metadata as part of the museum's dealings with colonial past. Three talks investigate the representation of the colonies in exhibitions by The National Museum, M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark and The Royal Library from various perspectives. A series of research papers present critiques of historical and contemporary photography, film and TV-serials.

Get updated. Be inspired. Share your own ideas and projects on the colonial past with colleagues. Take part in the discussion.

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Bo Steengaard Christensen: